Tailor-made projects

The management of your project, “MICE” approved!

A case-by-case study, for a tailor-made project managed from A to Z.

At MICE, every project is unique! If we have standard products to meet the needs of public procurement, the particular study of your case remains our main strength.

From design to installation on site

ISO9001 certified, MICE guarantees you an optimal follow-up throughout your projects. Thanks to a multidisciplinary internal team, and trustworthy external partners, we are present at your side from design to installation on site… and even after!

  • A precise study of your file by our sales department, to offer you the most suitable solution for your needs
  • The implementation and feasibility calculations by our design office, which give life step by step to your project
  • External partners who manage the manufacture and installation, following the state the art
  • Project managers who closely monitor production and implementation on site, guarantors of the quality of the MICE service
  • And a team also willing to carry out any repairs on existing projects
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The pursuit of excellence

Prioritizing quality is part of the “MICE” DNA!

Whether in the acoustic protection, through our various acoustic walls, in the solutions we develop to dress and secure the various structures (railings, cable tray protection hoods, …) or in the response to acoustic problems for the industry, quality is always at the center of our concerns!

Resistance Verticale


through choices of material and materials that comply with the actual standards, and adapted to the purpose of the project.

Ouviers Chantier


favouring the partnership with reliable subcontractors whose know-how is validated by our teams.

Reunion Travaux


thanks to a recognized management, coordination and organization to carry out your project in the best conditions.


A desire to adapt to your environment… and in his time!

Reinventing itself, exploring new horizons, finding new solutions to emerging problems: MICE is constantly improving its services and products, based on internal reflections, or to follow market trends.

Innovative or more efficient solutions, for your current needs or to anticipate future obligations.

Projections that are also inspired by society’s reflections, particularly in terms of ecology and sustainability. And, in any case, combinations whose benefits are each time tested and validated before being presented to you.

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