About us

MICE, specialist in acoustic protection for more than 40 years

Since 1976, MICE has been proposing acoustic protection solutions for road and rail infrastructures. Created by the “Schréder” Group to complete its product range mainly dedicated to public lighting, our company has quickly developed to become the Belgian leader in acoustic walls. The creation of the MICE France subsidiary, at the dawn of the ’80s, made it possible to establish our reputation in our neighboring countries. Before this recognition crosses borders, through more European projects (Spain, Great Britain, Sweden…).

Protection Acoustique Routieres

A new era, a complementary service

In the early 2000s, MICE expanded its offer and entered the market for architectural equipment for structures. Deck wrapping, railings, catenary screens, wildlife screens: projects multiply according to the requests and needs of our customers. From design to manufacturing, MICE extends its field of action towards a new know-how: “infra-coustics”.

Service Complementaire

The arrival of the “MDB” group

In 2018, MICE joined the “MDB” group in Liège, which has specialized for more than 100 years in the manufacturing and marketing of metal products for the building sector. Thanks to this additional experience, and the many synergies existing between the two entities, MICE takes advantage of this new input to perfect its technical and commercial development. The goal? Continue to meet needs and demand, improving all our products and services through more innovative and efficient solutions. And this, always for the Belgian, French, Luxembourgish markets, and everywhere else in Europe. Exploiting the potential of new materials and being part of a “greener” movement are among the challenges that await us today and tomorrow, together with the MICE touch!

Produits Metalliques Feuillage

Some key dates

Creation of MICE SA
Development of the first noise barrier for the Charleroi ring road
Creation of MICE France and first project in Paris
Acoustic screens project in Spain
Acoustic cladding for tunnels in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
First project in the Netherlands for the National Railway Company
First project in Great Britain for the National Railway Company
Acoustic screens project in Sweden
MICE embarks on the design and manufacture of equipment for structures
MICE quits the “Schréder” group for the “MDB” group