MICE means “Industrial Means for Environmental Control”

MICE specializes in acoustic protection, noise walls and civil engineering equipment. The internal teams, in partnership with external partners, take care of all acoustic and architectural design projects. From the commercial offer to the assembly on site, through the study of the project and the manufacture of the appropriate solutions, all the stages are mastered by a single interlocutor, which facilitates the task of the customers.

In terms of road and rail acoustic screens, and equipment for civil engineering structures, MICE meets the requested norms in public contracts. These are often linked to protections requested by the Public Service, railway companies, …
In terms of industrial acoustics, MICE responds to the direct requests of professionals and companies, to solve their punctual needs.

MICE therefore does not resell its solutions directly to individuals.

MICE offers its professional services of acoustic protection, and architectural dressing of works of art, in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and everywhere else in Europe… and in the world if the need arises.

A MICE noise wall, or MICE acoustic panel, can be road, rail or industrial. It is absorbent-insulating, or only absorbent, or only insulating, depending on the desired sound protection, the panel chosen and the materials used.

An absorbent and insulating acoustic screen is a noise barrier that allows both the absorption of sound waves and the insulation of these from the surrounding space.

An absorbent acoustic screen is a noise barrier that only allows the absorption of sound waves related to the surrounding space.

An insulating acoustic screen is a noise barrier that only allows the isolation of sound waves from the surrounding space.

The equipment of works of art carried out by the MICE teams concerns the architectural decoration of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, footbridges… These skins can take the form of protective hoods, technical sheathing, cornice dressing, railings, catenary screens, wildlife screens, and anything that can bring an additional aesthetic touch to a building, a construction or acoustic protection.

Industrial acoustics treats noise pollution related to industry, machines in operation, and any noise pollution inside or outside a building. To remedy this, MICE installs acoustic cabinets and cabins, silencers, noise barriers, acoustic cladding, machine cowlings, and also performs wall and ceiling treatments.